Jesenice became a town in 1929 by merging the then settlements of Sava, Plavž, and Murova, and a little later, Podmežakle and Slovenski Javornik. The city has a rich iron-making tradition, which marked the local architecture, the inhabitants, and, ultimately, their everyday life. There are quite a few older locals who still live there and whose memories take them back to their childhood, to the times of pre-, inter-, or post-war Jesenice, when the image and vibe of the town were completely different from today. Our mission is to write down these memories, add old photos, and present them to different target groups in an exciting way.

In 2020, seven information boards were placed around the oldest part of Jesenice, Murova, which talk about the life of this street in the past. In 2021, six billboards were placed in Kolarjev Park in Center II, representing the life of the former Gosposvetska Street (today’s Street of Maršal Tito) between Kos Manor and Korotan. In 2022, seven information boards were placed between the Ejga restaurant and recreation center TVD Partizan, which address the life around the Jesenice railway station in the past.




Media coverage of the project:

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