In respect of natural resources for the development of tourism, daffodils are one of the main attractions that make the municipality of Jesenice recognizable in the broader area. Daffodil fields as a landmark are an excellent basis for developing tourism products. Unfortunately, due to the changed way of farming and the overgrowth of agricultural land, daffodil meadows are getting smaller and smaller. To preserve and strengthen daffodil habitats, in 2016, we established the program Ohranimo narcise (Save the daffodils). As of 2021, 33 owners with a total of 39.66 hectares of land have entered the program. In order to protect daffodils and other biotic diversity, agricultural processing is carried out in an adapted manner in these areas.

  • preserve daffodils as a natural value,
  • to increase revenues from tourism in the municipality of Jesenice,
  • educate the local population about the importance of daffodils.