The daffodils are the central tourist attraction of the Jesenice region. The flowers whiten the meadows of Karavanke above Jesenice every spring. During this time, a higher volume of people visits the Planina pod Golico, Plavški Rovt, and Javorniški Rovt, which causes traffic congestion in these hill villages.

Therefore, RAGOR, in cooperation with the Municipality of Jesenice, which is also the funder of the project, started the implementation of the See the daffodils by Bus project: during the daffodils’ flowering period, a traffic regime is established on weekends with local road closures in Planina pod Golico and Javorniški Rovt, and free bus transportation is available from Jesenice in directions towards these two villages. The project mainly solves the traffic problems that arise during the daffodil blooming period due to the lack of parking spaces and the vast number of visitors in a short time. Still, at the same time, it encourages a more environmentally friendly visit to sensitive nature, which offers the visitor a pleasant and carefree visit. This is also beneficial for the locals – their villages are no longer covered with car sheet metal as in previous years, and they no longer have to face inconveniences in their daily routines.

In the longer term, the project also indicated the modern trends of visiting sensitive and vulnerable mountain areas in the Alps, which tends towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly visit by establishing traffic restrictions and offering an alternative – more environmentally friendly ways of accessing tourist destinations. The organization CIPRA Slovenia praised the project and supported such an approach, which only confirmed our correct decision.