The purpose of the project is to involve the pupils of Koroška Bela Elementary School, Jesenice Elementary School Prežihov Voranc, and Elementary School Toneta Čufarja in Jesenice in researching, learning about, and promoting tourism in the municipality of Jesenice. Students who join the tourism club develop a positive attitude towards tourism and tourists. We excite their interest in tourism as a prospective economic activity in the municipality of Jesenice and a possible area of ​​their professional work or hobby. Taking into account their instilled love for their hometown, young people will be able to preserve the natural and cultural heritage to the best of their ability and take care of its orderliness.

In the school years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022, we connected with the ”KUHAM DOMAče” project (HOMEmade COOKING), where we prepared a menu called Delavska malca (”workers lunch’’). In the framework of tourism clubs, we shot promotional films at six restaurants in Jesenice that offer the Delavska malca (”workers’ lunch’’) menu. In 2022, the dishes from the Delavska malca (”workers’ lunch’’) menu were prepared in the street food style. We held cooking workshops at schools, and at the end of the school year, students presented street food dishes to their classmates and teachers.

The Municipality of Jesenice fully finances the project.

  • education and training of young people for tourism,
  • to develop students’ creativity and entrepreneurship in the field of tourism and cultural heritage,
  • develop responsibility for preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the hometown,
  • inspire young people for tourism professions and involve them in carrying out activities in the field of tourism,
  • promotion of the municipality of Jesenice.