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The Gorenjska SPOT point (former name: VEM point or Local Entrepreneurial Center) has been operating as part of the Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska since 2001. The purpose of the project is to offer the broadest possible range of services for unemployed people who are potential entrepreneurs as a ”one-stop shop”. It also provides support for existing companies that need information about internationalization, finding partners, or expanding their activities. In addition to information, workshops, training, networking, and assistance to companies, the SPOT point also carries out registration procedures, which are necessary for s. p. (S/E; self-employment) or d. o. o. (Ltd; limited company.)

As a SPOT point, we applied to the project with three other partners: Bussiness Support Center (BSC), d.o.o., Kranj, Sora Development Agency, d.o.o., Development Agency Škofja Loka, and The Regional Chamber of Commerce, GZS Kranj. We carried out project activities until the end of 2022.

  • information about entrepreneurship,
  • counseling for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs (in person, phone, e-mail),
  • registration with p. and d. o. o. and other procedures via the eVem portal,
  • animating and connecting the regional environment,
  • trainings and workshops,
  • exchange of good practices and opening of business opportunities,
  • reporting and co-designing a support environment for business entities for even greater support for Gorenje entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

The services of SPOT svetovanje Gorenjska are free and co-financed with the help of the European Fund for Regional Development, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia.

  • counseling and registration with s.p. and d. o. o.,
  • improving the accessibility of services for companies and potential entrepreneurs and offering the largest possible range of services in one place,
  • creating conditions for state aid and information to be transferred to end users as efficiently as possible, i.e. companies, entrepreneurs and those who would like to become one.