Nowadays, many individuals make their own jewelry, design products from synthetic materials, wood and clay, crochet, knit, bobbin, sew and grind glass. Others enjoy creating with a brush, pencil, or charcoal, devote themselves to sculpting and other various crafts. Art has no boundaries, but every beginning is tough. Many talented people do not know how to use their potential or lack the knowledge to take the first steps on the path of entrepreneurship. To help them enter this new world, the Development Agency For Upper Gorenjska organized a project entitled Ustvarjalni podjetnik (The artistic entrepreneur).

The purpose of the project is to help local creators take their first steps on their journey to becoming entrepreneurs. By introducing and defining relevant statuses, organizing workshops, and enabling sales, participating skilled craft workers and artists are assisted in gaining greater visibility on the market, acquiring new knowledge, and earning more income. Together, we turn hobbies into business opportunities and, together with these talents, we look for opportunities for additional earnings and more smooth overcoming of crisis periods. With the project, we also take care of the preservation and promotion of local products and traditional crafts.

The project in 2022 is co-financed by the Municipality of Bled, Municipality of Gorje, Municipality of Jesenice, Municipality of Kranjska Gora, and Municipality of Radovljica.

  • increasing the entrepreneurial and cultural pulse;
  • familiarization of participants with different statuses and assistance with registration, arrangement of the most suitable status;
  • organization of workshops and, in this way, improvement of the marketing and entrepreneurial skills of project participants;
  • enable participating creators to sell;
  • greater visibility of participating creators and promotion of local products.


  • Vintgar;
  • Artish Radovljica;
  • Tržnica Bled;
  • Štanjel na Krasu;
  • Unikatna tržnica;
  • Kravji bal, Bohinj;
  • Kulturni dom Dovje;
  • Hotel Kompas, Kranjska Gora;
  • Slovenski planinski muzej, Mojstrana;
  • Blejski mladinski center, Bled;
  • Infocenter Triglavska roža, Bled;
  • Stara Sava – Kolpern, Jesenice;