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Educational / professional workshops: 

Urška Luks
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The craft and small business center Bohinj (OPC Bohinj) is a 2015 pilot project that has flourished in the last five years. The demand from entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, individuals, lessors, and holders of certificates Bohinjsko iz Bohinja (Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand) is increasing year by year, and the Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska recognizes it as an essential element in achieving its business goals.

The craft and small business center Bohinj is implemented in Bohinj as a project and is not registered as a legal entity. Individual consultations are designed to suit the needs of the consultant, his experience, market needs, or ingenuity. Each consultation is personalized, as almost every company or individual has their own idea or need for information. Mobile consultations are considered of great value as it is sometimes crucial to study the problem or look at the concept in the actual spot in order to propose possible solutions.

  • implementation of consultations in the field of marketing, promotion, internationalization,
  • obtaining municipal funds from the tender for the economy and the tender for facades,
  • obtaining subsidies and other options related to the measures of COVID-19,
  • search for business partners,
  • expansion of the Bohinjsko brand,
  • training and education through the implementation of various workshops adapted to local needs.