The Upper Carniola Cycling Network is a carefully designed interweaving of cycling connections in the Gorenjska area. The network comprises 640 kilometers of national and local cycling connections in Gorenjska and some neighboring municipalities. When determining the network, international criteria of traffic safety, the attractiveness of the landscape, and the availability of catering and service services were taken into account. The routes were approved by all 24 included municipalities of Gorenjska and the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency (DRSI).

The main goal of the project is to set up a single traffic signaling system for cyclists on the entire network. Still, we are also dedicated to the accurate digital display of the existing cycling infrastructure and the recording of black spots or high-risk road sections along the network—the latter to pay special attention to these locations when planning investments. The priority is to eliminate the high-risk road sections and ensure a safe route for cyclists. The Gorenjska region is doing pioneering work in this field, as it is the first in the country to set up the network in such a systematic way.


The infrastructural part of the project is also being upgraded with promotional content. The aim is to adequately promote the cycling network marked on the ground and to present its potential both for tourism and the promotion of sustainable mobility. To raise more awareness and build interest in this project, we created promotional maps (located in the LIBRARY section) and the website with five suggested trips and gpx tracks. Every cyclist can find a suitable and appropriate route to experience the broader area of ​​Gorenjska.

The purpose of the project is also to upgrade the “cyclist-friendly provider” concept, which will include providers of tourist accommodations and services. We also promote cycling connections and natural and cultural attractions on the social network Instagram, where you can find us under the name @gko_bike.

  • raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility,
  • promote sustainable mobility,
  • promote and develop sustainable tourism,
  • improve opportunities for the development of entrepreneurship and tourism in the countryside,
  • better equipment of areas with bicycle equipment,
  • development of new tourist products,
  • communication and transfer of good practices between regions.