Field names are part of the linguistic and cultural tradition of the area where people live and work. They originate from natural conditions or human activity in space, and they serve people as orientation or reference points in their domestic work environment. The richness of names is getting lost with the generations, as the attachment to the land, including fieldwork, is weakening.

As part of the project, the names are recorded in dialect form on a printed publication with a map of field names. It is available free of charge to locals and visitors. In addition, the collected names are included in the online browser of field names, which covers the area of ​​Gorenjska and southern Austrian Carinthia.

Glacier names were collected and published on maps as part of the project FLU-LED for the municipalities of Jesenice, Kranjska Gora, and Tržič, and name collections are currently taking place in the area of ​​the municipalities of Bohinj, Gorje, and Radovljica.

  • preserve the cultural heritage and increase the attractiveness of the tourist area,
  • through the project results, to revive and encourage the local population to use Ledin names in their everyday life.
  • a review of historical sources that list glacial names;
  • acquisition of spatial data for carrying out field surveys;
  • review of already collected data, meeting with amateur collectors;
  • field collection of names (meetings with elderly locals);
  • meetings with local people with the aim of finally harmonizing the Ledin names;
  • arrangement and digitization of data;
  • map making and printing of land name maps;
  • placement of Ledin names on the web portal