The project Mladi@Jesenice takes place in the form of youth street work. Youth street work is a form of providing youth work that takes place on the street, i.e., at established and newly emerging gathering places for young people. It covers youth work on the street for young people.

With this way of working, contact is established with young people who are not organized into formal group(s) but at the same time excluded from the public social discourse that refers to them. Support for young people is provided by a group of youth street workers, who socialize with young people on certain days in various public areas.

They endeavor to establish contact and non-violent communication and co-create activities, events, workshops, etc. The main purpose of the activity is to solve the problem of young people gathering in public areas, integrating young people into the local community, and creating quality coexistence.

The project is financed by the Municipality of Jesenice.


The goals of youth street work are related in particular to: establishing conditions for dialogue between young people, residents of the local community and decision-makers; spreading awareness about public areas and responsible (co)use of public areas; spreading awareness of a respectful attitude towards fellow human beings and the environment; social inclusion of young people, activities that will give them a voice in the local community; learning about the hardships, needs and wishes of young people.

Strategic objectives: reducing damage caused by vandalism; reducing peer violence and violations of the Public Order and Peace Act; reducing the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances among young people; increasing their employment opportunities or competitiveness in the job search.


The project is implemented in cooperation with the INSTITUTE  JEDRCE in the Municipality of Jesenice.